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Are you looking to expand your business to get more profit? Then write for us! brisbane Business Directory provides brisbane merchants the opportunity to connect with people in your community looking for services through our free platform. Getting listed on brisbane Business Directory means more visibility, so you get more business, hence, more profit! Along with getting your business listed on our free platform, you have the opportunity to contribute to our blog which will help reach out to the local consumers with details of your business.

What Are We Looking For?

You can submit an article that summarises your business and informs the readers about the services you are providing. Basically, you are writing to advertise your business, which will help you get found online by millions of customers and build your rapport among them. We ask you to submit content that is complete and easy to understand for the intended reader.

Before You Submit Your Piece, Make Sure It:

  • Clearly informs the reader the type of services your business is providing.
  • Includes facts about your business not opinions.
  • Informs the audience of your values.
  • Includes any certifications, credentials, or recognition your business may have achieved (this builds trust).
  • Sounds appealing!

What Do We Publish?

We will publish articles that are anywhere from 600 to 2,000 words long. Ideally, they should be around 1,500 words. All pieces of writing should be free from grammatical, spelling, and syntax errors. The tone can be casual and informative. Please make sure it clearly mentions what your business is all about.

How to Submit Your Content and What Happens Next

The first step is to contact us through the form below, informing us of your intent to submit an article. Our team will then contact you and invite you to send your submission. All submissions are to be emailed to us, as the next step. One of our expert editors will review your submission and decide whether your content is suitable for brisbane Business Directory, according to our guidelines.You will be informed whether your submission is accepted as it is, or you need to make revisions. Once everything is finalised, your article will be published on the website.

Get in Touch with Us:

Please contact us through this form informing us of your intent to submit content for publishing on brisbane Business Directory. One of our team members will get back to you soon!